Current Issues:




1.  High taxes and over spending on legal costs, averaging close to a million dollars a year, much of it on failed lawsuits, is approximately 35% of our annual budget.

2.  Continued escalation of lawsuits responding to actions by the Mayor, resulting in 4 Federal civil rights complaints filed against the Mayor and Village last fall, including one for a false arrest and unnecessary litigation by the Mayor against other elected officials and employees which have resulted in fines paid for with tax dollars.

3.  Ongoing problems with the Building Department including excessive delays in plan/permit application review, frequent delays and cancellations of inspections, employee confusion on which Village Boards are appropriate for which applications, failure to clear up hundreds of open permits, selective enforcement of code, complaints of "targeting" etc.

4.  Slow action on road paving and response to pot hole repair.

5. Complaints of unequal and unfair treatment of residents in code matters


6.   Lack of Newsletter and information on current Village issues and lack of an open forum and working relationship with the Mayor to discuss matters in a cordial environment such as coffee with the Mayor.   

7.  Unfinished and over budget repair projects, including the Village Hall roofing and gutters, now in its third year, and the cultural center minor interior repairs unfinished rendering the Cultural Center unusable and closed since July, 2017 while still paying associated costs.

8.  Lack of communication and transparency in financial matters where members of the public and Trustees are denied accounting documents to verify expenditures of taxpayer funds.

9.  Village website is out of date, not user friendly and does not publicize in a timely fashion Board meetings, events, Meeting Minutes, Agendas and other items of general public interest.

10.  Village sponsored activities,parks facilities need to be updated to cater more to a younger, new residents.

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