Our Platform:


Our proposed administration proposes hard work to achieve the following:


1.  Reorganize and supervise the Building Department so that all residents and builders will receive prompt, courteous and equal service.

2.  Direct our legal representatives to work harder to achieve solutions to mitigate damages already done and work towards amicable settlements of ongoing lawsuits, with a goal of a 36% tax reduction when we reach resolutions.

3.  Minimize Code enforcement lawsuits by seeking voluntary compliance with code issues by use of website education, suggestions, action by a community liaison representative, etc. to establish permanent solutions to code and tidiness issues, thereby reducing costs and beautifying the Village.

4.  Sustain our present single family zoning and rural, residential environment in our village and the rural environment of surrounding areas.

5.  Establish better relationships with the Towns of Haverstraw and Ramapo to help the Village provide better service for highways, noise reduction etc.

6.  Provide better financial accountability, record keeping and better employee efficiency by improved management, supervision and implementing time cards.

7.  Improve safety where needed, including speed bumps, stop signs, requests to State DOT for hazardous intersections, etc.

8.  Provide an employee with proven grant writing skills and success to seek funds for needed capital improvements and other needs.


9.  Make a priority of great service to residents with equal, fair and honest treatment for all.


10.  Add parks , cul de sac and building improvements using grant money, as well as seeking new grants for new walking, hiking and bicycle paths where possible.


11. Transition our programs, such as the Cultural Center, to provide new direction coordinated with the needs and interests of our community.



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